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Story Idea!

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1 Story Idea! on Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:44 am


I have something super duper extremely important to tell you guys.

I'm thinking of writing a Harry Potter story set in the American Revolution.

I'm sirius serious. It came out of rereading Harry Potter + studying for APUSH (AP US History). I kind of have a background for them.
Probably going to start around New England (Massachusetts especially)/Boston, Cambridge, etc.
  • Harry - parents died in raid during French & Indian War; raised by Dursleys
  • Ron/Weasleys - Arthur fought in French & Indian War, Sons of Liberty supporters
  • Percy is taking neutral/Quaker stance - might become spy for Washington(Culper spy ring member)/aide de camp for Washington?
  • Bill - member of Knowlton's Rangers w/ Charlie
  • Fred & George - smugglers
  • Ginny - spy?
  • Ron - joins Continental Army
  • Hermione - daughter of wealthy Loyalists, father is a dentist/merchant (yes, there were dentists back then), parents flee to Canada during British evacuation of Boston, stays with Weasleys/becomes spy with Percy in NY epic love triangle ensues OH YES.

I'm not sure if they should all be childhood friends, or maybe meet at a magical school? If there is even magic in this universe. I'm thinking that maybe there should, since the evacuation during the Long Island campaign was nothing short of a miracle (the Continental Army fled during a foggy night and no one was caught. NO ONE. The British didn't even found out until they came looking for them the morning after. Sounds like some magical officers set up some silencing and invisibility charms to help them flee).
I was also inspired by sto_helit_lace 's story on the 86 Federalist Paper, where Alexander Hamilton, a mudblood, writes against the Statute of Secrecy.

Should I even do this? It sounds a bit silly. :/ But I'd like to see if people would be interested in reading it, and maybe even help me find some inspiration for it. ^^ So if you think you can help, please, comment here!

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2 Re: Story Idea! on Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:51 pm

I love that idea and I would read that story and love it! I can't help with inspiration or anything but I can offer my support and a guaranteed reader over here Smile

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