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Nathan Come Back!

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1 Nathan Come Back! on Fri Apr 15, 2011 1:32 pm

Ok, this is a topic just for consipricy thories on how Lora could bring back Nathan in some way. I'll start out with my prefered one...
Bea and Alan watch Nathan get hung. Bea faints and wakes up in the real world. She gets up, and goes to school, still in mourning. She walks into History class where the new history teacher is standing by the desk. Bea shouts his name and tackles him in a flying hug.
Nathan gasps, "Miss Whaley! What just happened? I was just hung by the British!"
Bea pulls away and says "Providence!"

Ok, have at it people!

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2 The ball/ party on Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:00 pm

Same beginning as Half-Moon. Nathan is hung by the British. Beatrice tries to save him, but fails. She sees hm hang. Beatrice wakes up in the "real world". She mourns and cries and does not want to go to that party. She gets ready to go anyway. There is a knock on her door. She tries to wipe away her tears, certain she will see Ben. She opens the door, and viola! Nathan! She tackles him, and he goes down on the ground. Nathan cries out, "Easy Beatrice, I just got hanged by the British! I thought I would go to heaven, but I ended up in this strange place." Beatrice gets up and Nathan does too. He notices her dress. "Such a strange dress!" He exclaims. "It is very shiny!" Ben comes and honks his horn., signaling his arrival. He parks the car and gets out. The first thing he says when he sees Nathan is, "Who is this man?" Beatrice, with her great acting skills, says, "My cousin from Connecticut, who is a school teacher." Ben frowns and taps his foot on the ground. "Oh, you did not tell me you had a cousin from Connecticut." Beatrice calmly says,"Well, you did not ask." Beatrice grabs hold of Nathan's arm. "He is coming with us to the party." "Ooookkk." Ben shakes his head. "Pile in." They go to the party and have fun.

Well, I could add more, but this is the gist of it!

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3 Re: Nathan Come Back! on Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:35 pm

OMG!!! LOL!!!!!!! That's AWESOME!!! Razz

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