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What is Alan Warren's arrangement with Beatrice's father?

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Some stuff in here might spoil the short stories if you haven't read them yet, so if that bothers you, you should stop reading now.
What is the deal between Alan and Bea's father?

Between the comic, the short stories and the cut scenes on Fan Flow, we can piece together some of Alan and Bea's relationship.

(I apologize if any of the following is erroneous; I don't have time to look up all my sources, so I'm just going off memory).

They met when Bea was 14 and Alan was 24 or so. Alan didn't realize how young she was when he introduced himself. Nor that she was from a wealthy family, which (since he was a poor farmer) would preclude him ever being able to marry her. Nor that their families were on opposite political sides, again making marriage impossible.

But Beatrice tracked him down despite all that, and they became friends over the next couple of years. Then Bea ended up with General Howe (presumably as a prisoner, although that's not entirely clear) and Alan set out to rescue her.

There's a cut scene where Alan talks about returning Bea to her father and expecting him to hold up his end of the bargain, which Bea overhears and thinks means that Alan is being paid to rescue her, which Alan denies. The obvious implication is that Bea's father agreed for them to be married if he rescued her, but in the comic Alan tells Knowlton that it's not as simple as taking Bea home and marrying her. Yet, in the short stories, Alan's cousin believes that Bea's father is inclined to give her whatever she wants, and he seems to think Bea wants to marry Alan.

So, what IS the deal between Alan and Bea's father? It could be the straight-up rescue-her-and-you-can-marry-her deal, and the "complication" is that Bea is mad at Alan for some reason (which she can't remember). Or could Bea's father be demanding something in addition, like maybe Alan can't marry her until he stops fighting in the war?

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